All about “Shoes” – part II


      Summarizing from the last part of our tiny little “shoe-story”, we emphasized on “why shoe styling is extremely important?”, and we also had a walk-through of “brogues”. So, moving on with the next part of this story, we have to still discuss about oxfords, boots, sneakers, and daily slip-on’s.

2. Oxfords :


Intro :
          Oxfords are another type of formal shoes, but, unlike brogues, these are not very versatile, but have a great formal persona. If you pair them up with suits, and formal trousers, they would be your game winners. A nice polished Oxford will make you look like a gentlemen!  Oxford is a huge category to articulate. Vouching for it: a fun fact that brogues are 80% oxfords. The lace-up style, where you need to tie the laces, is the point of intersection for the aforementioned.

How to dress :
           As already mentioned, oxfords only go with formal trousers, and are only preferred for formal occasions. But, the thing with oxfords is that once you own them, you own the game! seriously! Personally, I like the black oxfords, just as much as I like the brown brogues. But, any color would do. So, if you own a black oxford just like me, pair it up with any freaking formal trouser, and it will go impeccably great. Let it be for interviews, or for black tie parties, people would be awestruck seeing a man nailing an oxford.

Cost :
            The part that we all hate the most, cost. Unlike the brogues, you can get a decent pair of oxfords for about 2500 – 5000 INR. But, we don’t want to pay that much, right? What’s the point, if we pay a hefty sum of money just for a pair of shoes. So, we can get a handsome pair of these oxfords for just above 1500 INR. There are some lower ranges of choices too, but I wouldn’t really go for them. I prefer paying 1500 bucks at once over paying 1000 bucks thrice. I’m going to leave an amazon link below for the oxfords, that I like the most.   

click here!

3. Boots :

             Boots are best friends to everyone. Once you start wearing them, you want to die in them. I mean it! They are one of the most versatile stuff to style your fashion with. They go with chinos, they go with jeans, and with proper choice, you can rock the boots even with semi-formals.

Love them!

Boots, I personally, and many people too, believe that they are best suited for winters. With their superior quality they can forbid cold kissing your feet and making you sneeze for it. With a bit of relaxation, you can wear them for rainy seasons too, they would stop water too. So, without any further delay, let us explore the boots. I here describe only a few varieties of them, which I personally love and expect you people would too.

3. Chukka Boots :

Love’em all!

Intro :
        These are what I mean by rocking the fashion. Chukka boots are those with two or three lace holes. They come in varied textures, some with fur, some with leather, etc. Chukka boots have a high ankle, and let us not discuss history over here, that’s boring. Another important thing about Chukkas is that they can be bought in any fancy color. I mean red, green, definitely not yellow! but blue, etc. Everything is cool for these. So, that gives them an edge!

Chino’s and chukka’s killer combination!

How to dress :
           The advantage with Chukkas is that you can dress them from semi-formal to full casual. Chukkas with a texture are usually bought, I personally prefer them too, but the leather ones are also fine. I like wearing them with chinos, if you want, you can pair them up with any dark shaded jeans, if you’ve textured, then you can go with light washed jeans too. Pair them up with correct chinos, and nice oxford shirt, you got a semi-formal.

Cost :
        Chukkas are not as costly as Brogues, but are costly enough for us to shove us off budget. Higher end Chukkas, would cost you around 10000 – 25000 INR. But, don’t worry we got a hack here, we can easily get good chukkas for about 1500 INR. I’m not a huge fan of Amazon for this section, but still they got few here and there. I did not find anything that great to share, so try your own luck!

That is quite a lump sum knowledge in one post. We will carry on with other types of boots and various other shoes to style your shoe wardrobe with. See you in the next post!! Until then, “stay stylish, stay under budget!”



All about “Shoes” – Part I

shoe wardrobe - johnston murphy.jpg

Shoes – the most versatile and interesting feature of styling. Essentially, the first thing to start your styling with. There are hundreds of combinations possible for pairing up the correct shoe that matches your attire. As fascinating as it sounds, because of its versatility, more often than not, you will fumble with the  correct pair and you will notice a sudden drop in your fashion graph.

Picking up correct shoes becomes much easier, if you’re rich enough and can spend 4000 – 5000 INR without any concern at all. However, those shoes do come with superior quality, and shiny noses. Realistically, this isn’t the case with most of us. Frankly, not all of us are from riches and we all are in that budgeted styling group, so I wanted to share some suggestions for getting what you need, which would look great, when paired up with correct clothes, and most importantly, under 1000-1500 INR.

Shoe-styling is quite a substantial one to fit in a single blog post, so, we will split this topic into different blog posts, where each would shed some light on different aspects of shoe-styling. Having said that, this part would be about some kind of shoes and later parts would have some more. I would also leave links for most of them, that are my personal favorites, and are in our budget to get us started with styling. Knowledge is the key to awesome styling! So, without any delay, let us get started!

1. Brogues :


Intro :
         This is one of my favorites and the best one to start with. Brogues are the kind of shoes that have a pore-texture all over them. These are mostly, brown and tan, I prefer brown. It does come in Black, but goes less preferred, cause, the basic essence of it, the texture, seems a bit lost. These come in several price ranges, depending on the quality of the texture and shoe.

How to dress :
     Brogues are quite versatile, and hence are preferred over so many other things. Brogues can be dressed up for formal occasions like formal meetings or date-nights. But, importantly, these can be used for semi-formal to upper-casual occasions like business casuals, or casual outings too.

Look awesome with formal trousers!

Brogues go great with chinos, if you are in love with brown brogues like me, try wearing them with navy chinos, or formal grey trousers, they go literally awesome with those. You can wear them with heavy washed blue jeans too, depending on the occasion.

Look cool with jeans!

Cost :
             Brogues are often very costly, cause they come up with a great feel and would add a lot of weight to your overall personality. But, don’t worry, with a little over than a minimum compromise in the quality and shine, we can pull off great Brogues and look awesome. The below is what I bought, the quality is fine, it comes with a roasted nose, and is a great steal for its price. Click on the image and make it yours right away!

Click here to grab the deal!

This has already become a tiring long post. We will wrap this post here. Next post we will cover about last one of the formal type, then we will move onto casual and semi-casual shoes. So, do come back for the next post! Until then, “stay stylish, stay under budget.”

All about”Styling”!

Dressing is a way of life

– Vyes Saint Laurent

That said, there has been a lot of chaos and confusion about what needs to be done for “dressing as a way of life!”, so let us first understand and know the basics of fashion and the necessity of incorporating fashion into our lives through “styling”. People talk all day about fashion, trends, etc. What exactly is fashion? Simply put, fashion is just the way you present yourself to others. And, most importantly, it cannot be just limited to your dressing, shoes, and other accessories. It is the whole you that makes you fashionable.

Styling is just a means of adopting and inducing fashion into you. Styling deals with everything, right from your grooming patterns, to your sock color and texture. Fascinatingly, a right style pattern for me, might not be the perfect one for you. It differs from person to person, depending on the skin tone, body and hair textures, and on other variable factors. Because of this behavior, we see some devastating styles when you try to mimic styles of those ‘goras’ – people with white skin.

Styling is so a personal thing, since it telecasts your persona, it should essentially complement your personality. Most of us, Indians, have this problem of selecting a right styling pattern, that would match them as well as the occasion they’re dressing for. We can’t neglect that most of us, who want to look good, can’t afford clothes, shoes, stylish haircuts. So, we need a style pattern, that matches our persona, makes us look good, confident and most importantly will not throw us under the poverty line.

I personally prefer building my shoe wardrobe from Amazon, Flipkart or other E-Commerce sites, whereas clothing from a offline-retailer only, like Reliance Trends, etc. I would be leaving off some suggestions and links for lifting some excellent pair of shoes, and styling stuff, under a strict budget, as we proceed.

Clothing, shoes, watches, glasses, etc. Everything is great, but what about your hairstyle, beard style, and other grooming related issues. A man who dresses insanely awesome, but has hair badly styled, would still get negative points for styling. The things will never work individually, fashion and styling is a collaborative effect of all the things. So, taking good care of your hair is of utmost importance.

Getting a good haircut is tricky. A hairstyle that suits me will not suit you, mostly. Face shape is a major determinant of what hairstyle would suit you. We will have a different blog post entirely covering face shapes and right hairstyle for a specific face shape. Coming to our main point of interest, doing stuff under a strict budget, I spend 200-500 INR typically, for a good haircut. If you know which type of hair style would suit you, most of the work is done.

So, here it ends – brief introduction about ‘styling’. We would have separate blog post for each aspect of styling. So, let us, “stay stylish, stay under budget.”

Style is a combination!