All about “Shoes” – part II


      Summarizing from the last part of our tiny little “shoe-story”, we emphasized on “why shoe styling is extremely important?”, and we also had a walk-through of “brogues”. So, moving on with the next part of this story, we have to still discuss about oxfords, boots, sneakers, and daily slip-on’s.

2. Oxfords :


Intro :
          Oxfords are another type of formal shoes, but, unlike brogues, these are not very versatile, but have a great formal persona. If you pair them up with suits, and formal trousers, they would be your game winners. A nice polished Oxford will make you look like a gentlemen!  Oxford is a huge category to articulate. Vouching for it: a fun fact that brogues are 80% oxfords. The lace-up style, where you need to tie the laces, is the point of intersection for the aforementioned.

How to dress :
           As already mentioned, oxfords only go with formal trousers, and are only preferred for formal occasions. But, the thing with oxfords is that once you own them, you own the game! seriously! Personally, I like the black oxfords, just as much as I like the brown brogues. But, any color would do. So, if you own a black oxford just like me, pair it up with any freaking formal trouser, and it will go impeccably great. Let it be for interviews, or for black tie parties, people would be awestruck seeing a man nailing an oxford.

Cost :
            The part that we all hate the most, cost. Unlike the brogues, you can get a decent pair of oxfords for about 2500 – 5000 INR. But, we don’t want to pay that much, right? What’s the point, if we pay a hefty sum of money just for a pair of shoes. So, we can get a handsome pair of these oxfords for just above 1500 INR. There are some lower ranges of choices too, but I wouldn’t really go for them. I prefer paying 1500 bucks at once over paying 1000 bucks thrice. I’m going to leave an amazon link below for the oxfords, that I like the most.   

click here!

3. Boots :

             Boots are best friends to everyone. Once you start wearing them, you want to die in them. I mean it! They are one of the most versatile stuff to style your fashion with. They go with chinos, they go with jeans, and with proper choice, you can rock the boots even with semi-formals.

Love them!

Boots, I personally, and many people too, believe that they are best suited for winters. With their superior quality they can forbid cold kissing your feet and making you sneeze for it. With a bit of relaxation, you can wear them for rainy seasons too, they would stop water too. So, without any further delay, let us explore the boots. I here describe only a few varieties of them, which I personally love and expect you people would too.

3. Chukka Boots :

Love’em all!

Intro :
        These are what I mean by rocking the fashion. Chukka boots are those with two or three lace holes. They come in varied textures, some with fur, some with leather, etc. Chukka boots have a high ankle, and let us not discuss history over here, that’s boring. Another important thing about Chukkas is that they can be bought in any fancy color. I mean red, green, definitely not yellow! but blue, etc. Everything is cool for these. So, that gives them an edge!

Chino’s and chukka’s killer combination!

How to dress :
           The advantage with Chukkas is that you can dress them from semi-formal to full casual. Chukkas with a texture are usually bought, I personally prefer them too, but the leather ones are also fine. I like wearing them with chinos, if you want, you can pair them up with any dark shaded jeans, if you’ve textured, then you can go with light washed jeans too. Pair them up with correct chinos, and nice oxford shirt, you got a semi-formal.

Cost :
        Chukkas are not as costly as Brogues, but are costly enough for us to shove us off budget. Higher end Chukkas, would cost you around 10000 – 25000 INR. But, don’t worry we got a hack here, we can easily get good chukkas for about 1500 INR. I’m not a huge fan of Amazon for this section, but still they got few here and there. I did not find anything that great to share, so try your own luck!

That is quite a lump sum knowledge in one post. We will carry on with other types of boots and various other shoes to style your shoe wardrobe with. See you in the next post!! Until then, “stay stylish, stay under budget!”



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